Tuesday, October 19, 2010

November 6th Class

November 6th 9:00am - 5:00pm
Lisa Renner

This class is designed for those who love the process of artistic book-making, while learning some techniques that allows you the freedom to explore the joy of working with color, paper and wax.

In this all day workshop you will make an artist book with wax-collage covers. With its fabric spine and crisp blank pages, it makes a perfect book to take to all your workshops for recording your class notes, gluing samples, memos, photos etc., or to use as your personal sketchbook or journal.

The first part of class will be devoted to creating collage renderings to be used for the book covers. You will dye your own papers in class and depending on your color palate, your covers can be painterly and abstract, or collaged with a focal image - you're in charge. You will then take it to the next level using wax, metallic powders and other materials to make a rich and artsy statement for your book covers.

The second part of class will be devoted to book construction. It will be built from ground-level up, yet in a simple format. Signatures comprised of text-weight paper and Bristol cover stock (great weight for mixed media) will be sewn into the spine using an easy stitch.

If you enjoy a lively, fast paced workshop tat is technique-based and results in a completed project, please join me for this very creative process!

At the time you sign up for class, please let us know if you want to use the Relinquary face ( the first picture); the Fornisitti face (second picture) or the Victorian child half face. Bring tool kit, 1 lb beeswax block (will be for sale at Stamp Asylum), apron, and sack lunch. ($110.00)